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Sierra Friends of Tibet HHDL

As Long as space

remains, as long as

humans beings remain

until then I too

shall remain 

To dispel the miseries

of the world.

-His Holiness the

14th Dalai Lama

Sierra Friends of Tibet Logo

Sierra Friends of Tibet's mission is to raise awareness of Tibet,

to advocate self-determination for the Tibetan people;

To end the illegal occupation,

the destruction of the natural environment,

the eradication of the Tibetan culture,

and the continuing genocide of the

Tibetan people by the Chinese Communist government. 

We promote a peaceful resolution to these issues. 

Sierra Friends of Tibet Group
Sierra Friends of Tibet

Since 1998, Sierra Friends of Tibet (SFOT) is a volunteer based organization

dedicated to raising awareness of Tibet.

We are located in Grass Valley, California with our collaborative

Chapter Sierra Friends of Tibet- Auburn (California).

We are located  in the beautiful foothills the California Sierra Nevada.

SFOT relies on the generous support of members and donors.

No managing volunteer or member of SFOT receives remuneration.

SFOT meetings are open to everyone and input from the community is valuable in our work. We invite you to attend meetings and

volunteer at our events.

Click Here to download our membership form here

Sierra Friends of Tibet

Thanks to Paul Maska Photography

Violence can

only breed more violence

and suffering.

Our struggle must remain non-violent and free of hatred.

-His Holiness the

14th Dalai Lama

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